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  • Men’s Grower’s Gold T-Shirt

    Get your tie-dye shirt on and show your support for Grower’s Gold and growing your own! Get yours now before they’re gone! Price: $20 Sizes M L XL

  • Ladies’ Grower’s Gold T-Shirt

    Just for the ladies! Enjoy this figure-flattering tie-dye tee, and show off your support for Grower's Gold! Soft and comfortable with a subtle tie-dye pattern throughout, you'll enjoy wearing this t-shirt while you're out and about or in the garden with the family. Price: $20 Sizes M L XL

  • Play Our Social Game Barn Buddy!

    Now you can have the fun of gardening without stepping outside! With this interactive game, you can plant, care for, and harvest vegetables while earning points and adding your neighbors. Using your Facebook account to login and play, Barn Buddy is a game that you won't want to put down! Play Barn Buddy Now!

  • What are Mycorrhizae?

    The word mycorrhizae (pronounced My-cor-rye-zay) refers to a group of fungi which form a mutually beneficial relationship with many plants. These fungi grow either inside of a plant's roots or attach to the surface of a root. The fungi benefits from the plant's food and nutrients and in turn send their hyphae (like small roots) ...