Don’t Risk Your Crop: Choose Growers Gold

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Will the veggies in your raised beds just get by this year, or will they flourish and produce a bountiful crop?  The answer is simple: join the pros and choose Growers Gold outdoor growing mix for guaranteed success.

Maybe you’ve noticed that everybody’s keen on showing how to make raised beds, but it’s hard to find good advice on filling them.  Soil is the most important part of your project because it is crucial to how well your plants grow.  Choose poor quality fill and the plants will show it from day one.   Grower’s Gold growing mix is different because it was formerly available only to the nursery industry, evolving over many years meet the demands of professional plant growers.

Inside Grower’s Gold is a perfectly balanced blend of peat, coconut coir, aged bark and perlite to provide plenty of organic mater with added macro and micro nutrients to boost fertility.  The starter fertilizer will meet special needs of your seedlings, with slow release nutrients to continue this generous diet all through the season.  Best of all, each bag comes teeming with microbes and beneficial endomicorrhizae that are vital to root development and plant health.

Follow these three simple steps to fill your beds:

Step 1 Calculate how much Growers’ Gold you’ll need for the project.  Measure the planter length times width times depth.  L x W x D = volume in cubic feet.  Divide that by the number of cubic feet in the bag to find out how many bags are required to fill the area.

Note: We do not recommend you buy compost or organic fertilizer or any other additives because our soil because is entirely complete right out of the bag.

Step 2 Clean up the ground under your raised beds, then lay down a 6 inch layer of Grower’s Gold onto the bottom of the bed.  Sprinkle it with the hose to help it settle.  This watering is important to help avoid dry pockets.  Add another layer and water sprinkle again, continuing this way until the bed is filled to the top edge.

Step 3 Gently press the soil into place with a rake and level the top.  Don’t pack it down.  Over the course of the season the soil will further settle so this level ends up a few inches below the edge.  Now it’s ready to plant.

If last year’s garden wasn’t up to par, consider replacing the soil to revitalize its microbe populations.  If you’re on a budget, try removing just half of last year’s soil and refilling the top foot or so with Grower’s Gold.  This is the best way to rehabilitate the bed by introducing new soil microbes and endomicorrhizae that will colonize what’s left of the old soil.  With Grower’s Gold on the top half, your surface rooted veggies will enjoy a much richer and more oxygenated root zone.

Soil is the most important part of your summer garden.  Don’t let all your hard work go to waste.  Select Grower’s Gold and know this will be the best year ever!

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