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Whether it’s one patio tomato in a pot or a whole vegetable garden in raised beds, success is rooted in your potting soil. Get that right and you’ll enjoy far more than just one good picking this season. Millions of failed gardens stem from the use ordinary potting soil that leaves veggies starving for nutrients after that first flush of fruit. But if you begin with powerful soil designed to support plants for months, even years, you’ll harvest over and over until frost.

If you already have potting soil that made last year’s Grow Box or raised beds disappointing, consider removing it and replacing with Grower’s Gold. Designed to support the demands of nurseryman’s plants, this is more than just potting soil. It’s a perfectly designed mix that contains an array of nutrients and ideal structure for eliminating the most common food growing problems.

For the fast growing annual herbs such as cilantro and basil, you’ll need high nutrition soil because these are one-season herbs that grow much like any other food crop. To grow enough basil for pesto or to dry, you want big leafy plants to harvest in bundles, and that takes the fertile, nitrogen rich mix in Grower’s Gold.

For long lived perennial seasoning herbs, Grower’s Gold is ideal root medium for the Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, sage, rosemary, and lavender. This group demands extreme drainage and will not abide excess water in the root zone. The addition of coir and perlite ensures this soil retains moisture while speeding drainage, a very difficult combination to achieve. It is perfect for growing in sun drenched terra cotta pots so you can bring these aromatic beauties indoors for the winter.

Grower’s Gold is so light you’ll find direct seeded veggies germinate quickly with few losses. Deeply planted peas, beans, squash and corn often rot in heavy wet ground, but this soil offers the perfect oxygen rich environment for a quick start. The fine texture is perfect for lightly covering very small, shallow seeds such as lettuces and exotic greens that often struggle to rise through heavier coverings. These fine seedlings are also prone to dry out quickly if the mix isn’t able to hold enough moisture between waterings. With a fluffy cover of Grower’s Gold, they won’t dry out, wash out or fail to thrive, so you’ll enjoy a continuous supply of colorful leaves for summer salads.

The long lasting fertility in this soil is ideal for your late season cole crops. Kale and Brussels sprouts as well as relatives of cabbage are often sowed in the warmth of late summer, and then mature to stand well against the early frosts. Made sweeter by the cold, they are beloved fresh greens to fill stew pots of autumn.

Always remember that soil makes or breaks a garden. It’s doubly important in containers because creating a perfect version of earth for containers is no simple feat. Commercial growers who can’t afford to fail have remained loyal to the consistent quality of Grower’s Gold for decades. When it comes to potting soil for your own veggies and herbs, stick with the trusted brand and it will always pay off in the kitchen.


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