Growers Gold Outdoor Growing Mix

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tomato plants in a raised garden bedIf you dream of picture perfect plants like those at the garden center, consider this. When a grower has 50,000 petunias on the line, she can’t afford to take risks. She has to get it right the first time or the losses can be staggering. She will demand a product like Grower’s Gold, a first class potting soil with a perfect blend of organic matter, minerals and plant foods.  Together in the just right proportions, this commercial nursery soil creates an optimal environment for explosive growth.

This year, consider Grower’s Gold when you prepare your next gardening project. Planning to use potted color for a summer garden party?  Looking for bags and bags to fill newly made raised beds. It’s a perfect fit to replace worn out soil in last year’s Grow Box. Even if you’re just growing a few potted herbs on the front porch, you and your plants deserve Grower’s Gold.

Growers Gold Outdoor Growing Mix BagSo what makes this soil so special? It’s very finely ground mixture of peat moss, cocoanut coir and forest products that catches and holds water to keep your containers from drying out. Perlite is added to keep it from packing down into a water resistant layer over time. This ensures water percolates directly into the soil, carrying fertilizer and nutrients with it. Around the perlite granules are small air spaces that help roots get the oxygen they need.

The grower’s secret weapon is mycorhizzae, a microscopic fungus that lives in the soil and enters the plant through its root hairs. This mutually beneficial relationship benefits both plant and fungus, much like pro-biotics help the human immune system. This is how Grower’s Gold makes plants healthier and more disease resistant. It also means less work for you. No wonder the professionals insist on it.

This is the ideal potting soil to fill raised beds for a summer food garden. Within each bag are the sixteen essential nutrients for plant growth including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as calcium and magnesium. It gets your seedlings off to a rapid start so they flower and fruit in a timely fashion. And the long term fertility keeps them reblooming just as vigorously deep into the fall, extending your food harvest till frost.

It takes time and effort to grow beautiful vegetables and flowers that fill the kitchen and turn your yard into a horticultural wonderland. Why not try something new this year? Discover how much better your plants can perform in Grower’s Gold, whether its just five purple petunias or fifty-thousand of them.