Grower’s Gold with CRF and Supplemental Fertilization

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Grower’s Gold Outdoor Mix is a high performance potting soil ideal for both food gardens and seasonal color pots. This product was developed for with the nursery industry, and now it’s available to consumers with all the benefits requested by professional growers.

Grower’s Gold contains controlled release fertilizer, (CRF), in addition to the natural fertility provided by its organic components. Together this ensures a baseline of solid nutrition for virtually any crop. CRF is specially created with an outer covering to contain the concentrated fertilizer. As water is applied the nutrients are drawn out through osmosis to accurately control the amount released. The reliability and performance of this system has become the widely accepted standard of the nursery industry. It also reduces the amount of fertilizer you apply, sparing the environment from unused nutrients in runoff.

The developers of Grower’s Gold Outdoor Mix have worked with agronomists for years to perfect their product for the industry. Over time they have experimented with CRF potency and density per square foot of soil to create an optimal environment for the widest range of plant types.  There’s no blending required because Outdoor Mix comes right out of the bag ready to begin gradual release of nutrients to your young plants.

When using Grower’s Gold, the basic nutrients are in place to maintain adequate fertility over time. But for those who grow high performance plants, additional nutrition need only be applied later on when plants mature. When applying liquid fertilizer to annual color pots, the potency need not be as high as with ordinary potting soil without CRF.  The provision of additional phosphorous and potassium in solution may boost flowering later in the season when shortening days cause bloom production to slow.

Food gardens are another example of plants that require consistent nutrition. When using Grower’s Gold Outdoor Mix to fill raised beds, the new soil is moderately fertile, which is perfect for sensitive young roots. As they develop, CRF is released every time you water to maintain a consistent baseline of nutrients all season long. There is no need to add fertilizer unless you strive to overcome August doldrums when plants tend to slow. At that time a late dose can stimulate more bud and flower production for harvests deep into fall.  This is also helpful for members of the frost tolerant cabbage family which are often planted in late summer, and require additional nitrogen for rapid leafy growth.

Grower’s Gold makes the best potting soil for large decorative pots with permanent foliage plants such as spiral cypress or palms. CRF ensures that plants venture beyond their previous rootball to reach the additional nutrients. Once established, it’s optional whether or not to fertilize late in the first year, or hold off until the start of the second growing season.  Apply additional fertilizer in solution to carry nutrients deep into the root zone where it is readily available. The application of additional nitrogen to palms during their active summer growth period results in luxuriant new growth and bright green color.

When the specimen plant is hibiscus or a fruiting kumquat, the nutritional requirements of these plants require specialized fertilizer. While the CRF continues to provide the baseline macronutrients, your supplemental fertilizers will ensure the plants get more of the unique micronutrients required by tropicals and citrus. Apply specialty fertilizer over the CRF baseline to avoid signs of deficiencies that too often afflict this group.


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