Hydro Style Gardening

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Growing, just like everything, goes through changes. And quite often as science learns more about plant production, improved products continue to become available to the grower.

Sun Gro’s newest line of hydro style gardening soil is Grower’s Gold. Whether indoor or outdoor growing is your goal, Grower’s Gold has come up with two specific products that concentrate on what makes all growing successful, roots! These new products are what we refer to as hydro style gardening. Not hydroponics in the traditional sense but a fresh idea that actually makes growing easier by employing a soil-less mixture that has a balanced PH, allowing the roots to better absorb nutrition from it. Made from high quality Canadian Sphagnum peat moss and coconut coir, it takes the fear of over watering and drying out much easier to handle. Because of this special blend of products, you are better able to grow vegetables and herbs.

Indoors, the great drainage combined with moisture retention, allows this ‘smart soil’ to know when to release moisture to the root system as needed, and having a balanced pH, the plants nutritional needs are easily absorbed into the plant. Grower’s Gold Indoor Growing Mix is great for indoor drip systems. It negates the need to clean out filters, water lines and reservoirs, like in traditional hydroponics, while consistently producing the highest quality plants.

And because there are two specific blends, you can achieve the same great quality outside with Grower’s Gold Outdoor Growing Mix. In a container or directly into the ground, this specialized growers mix will enable your plants to grow not only quickly but healthy as well. Although the sun is thought to be the main culprit for dehydration in outdoor plants, it is much more often wind. The transpiration of moisture from the plants can very quickly and can injure and often even kill plants. Grower’s Gold Outdoor Growing Mix assists in alleviating this concern because of the special blend which includes both the peat moss and coconut coir. Fast draining but able to retain moisture which is so needed for young root systems, it releases the moisture when the new root systems need it. Of course, a watchful eye is your next best thing to have when growing outdoors so paying daily attention to the plant’s watering needs is paramount. Growers Gold gives you that much needed assist in doing so.

If you are a novice grower, nothing will assure successful crops both, indoors and out, like these new products from Sun Gro. And if you have been a grower for years, they can help make your endeavors even more lucrative by allowing the best and most current scientific information available to be easily incorporated into your growing.

Young or old, novice or veteran, Grower’s Gold Growing mixes can assist you with making every crop a winner. To ensure the health and vigor of all your growing needs, start with the best that science and nature have to offer…Grower’s Gold, growing gold in every bag.


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