Indoor Potting Soil Growing Mix Available Home Depot Ace

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The blossoming of indoor gardens is far more than a new way to grow houseplants and exotics; it’s a revolution in growing food too. Whether you’re just into windowsill herbs or a whole vegetable plot under lights, it’s all rooted in one important component: soil.

In the past the same potting soils were used indoors and out. These soil mixes were highly variable in quality, and made out of various forest by products rather than scientifically formulated to give plants what they need to thrive.  When poorly cared for, the soils became compacted, resulting in over-saturation.  If allowed to dry out they became resistant to reabsorbing water. The result was either root death due to drowning or drought.
Things are different in the commercial nursery world.  Enormous greenhouse operations have long used Sun Gro’s professional growing mixes for ideal drainage, easy wetting, microbes and a perfect pH.  Finally this trusted indoor potting soil growing mix available Home Depot Ace, bagged and ready to use in the same formula once reserved for professional growers.
Growers Gold Indoor Growing Mix Bag

Grower’s Gold Indoor Potting Soil utilizes three structural agents that help you avoid overwatering and the fungi, molds and diseases that follow.   Peat moss and a cocoanut husk byproduct called coir are the two best water-holding forms of organic matter available today.  The key is that they don’t pack down, thus ensuring the natural spaces for oxygen remain open to allow the proper exchanges of air and moisture between root and soil.  The traditional difficulty with peat has always been remoistening it evenly after the soil becomes dry.  To solve this problem Grower’s Gold contains a special wetting agent that enhances the rehydration of the soil without leaving isolated dry pockets.  To further ensure drainage perlite granules maintain porosity, wet or dry.

Because growers of exotic houseplants require stable pH, you can be sure that each bag maintains a reliable 5.5 to 6.5.  A light dose of fertilizer includes sixteen essential nutrients for plant growth including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as calcium and magnesium.  This ensures that plants will never experience nitrogen loss, which afflicted the early potting soils due to an over abundance of coarse forest products.  Such neutral fertility allows you to add your own specialty plant food whether it’s all organic or formulated for anything from orchids to orange trees.

What earth contains and potting soils lack is microbes that enter plant roots to help them grow more vigorously.  Grower’s Gold contains its own selection of endomycorrhizae, which will immediately go to work to create a natural soil condition for tiny seedlings or huge indoor trees. This is a revolutionary innovation for potting soils, offering plants well established population of microbes from day one.  Over time natural phosphorous in fertilizers help the microbe population to grow larger with the plants.a

Growing indoors is a wonderful way to enhance good health with home grown food. Grower’s Gold gets you get off on the right foot with a well tested product that naturally helps you avoid the most common mistakes.  If you think Grower’s Gold isn’t worth it, think again.  Just calculate what it costs to replace plants and second rate soil that failed.  Then compare that with the few extra dollars you spend for Grower’s Gold and it’s clearly cheaper to get it right the first time.