Potted Herbs In Grower’s Gold for Winter Fresh Seasoning

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Most of our culinary herbs come from the warm, dry Mediterranean, and that’s what makes them so darned hard to grow in other climates. Many of them will not abide overly wet, cold soil. This challenged the ancient Romans who were huge herb lovers but found themselves in northern outposts of soggy Britain and Germany.

The two thousand years old Roman solution was to grow their herbs in pots that can be moved with the seasons. These potted herbs were of such value that they were carried with the armies from one outpost to the next. Yarrow for example, was a vital coagulant on the battlefield so army surgeons carried their potted specimens with them wherever Rome conquered new territory.

Potted herbs

Red clay is the most reliable pot for use with Mediterranean herbs because it is similar to the porosity of soil itself.

Ordinary unglazed red clay has changed little since the days of the Empire. It is porous, allowing moisture and oxygen to pass through just as it would in natural soil. Thick walled Mexican pots are also suitable and offer a rustic look, but won’t hold up as long. Your potting soil must be equally aerated so the roots never encounter oversaturated conditions, and it must be designed for long-term growth in containers. Unfortunately, most soil products are designed for just one season’s flower garden, and then they’re disposed of and replaced with new soil.

Grower’s Gold Potting Soil is the best choice for your potted herb garden because it was scientifically developed to suit commercial growers of long-term nursery crops. For a shrub to reach saleable size, a grower must nurture it for many years, and this is enough time for the soil to pack down, lose its aeration and risk rotting the roots off more sensitive species. Over time the soil scientists at Growers Gold have fine-tuned this soil mix to suit their customers who grow these same woody plants with needs similar to most herbs.

rosemary in ornate potHerbs, and any other plant for that matter, will perform better in Grower’s Gold Outdoor Mix because it contains important microbes that interact with roots to make them stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases. There is also fertilizer in there for a slow and steady supply of vital nutrients that help your herbs produce more of the aromatic foliage you desire. This is particularly valuable for those species considered sub-shrubs such as sage and wormwood. The Romans trimmed their herbs into topiary forms to release the fragrant oils and harvest the leaves, and quality soil helps yours produce more dense, attractive and aromatic growth to work with.

The greatest benefit of an herb garden in pots is the ability to bring them indoors for the winter. This keeps plants warm enough to retain foliage during these cold months. Indoors they’re at your fingertips to flavor all your soups and stews. If you live in an apartment and are growing herbs indoors year round, choose Grower’s Gold Indoor Mix for best results.

oregano in ornate pot

There are many unusual varieties of herbs such as this highly attractive oregano that is as beautiful as it is useful.

Fall is the perfect time to start an herb garden in pots. Select long-lived herbaceous perennial seasoning herbs such as mint and sub-shrubs, which develop woody stems and twigs. Save your basil and cilantro and parsleys for spring since these are short-lived annuals.

Start your garden at summer’s end while supplies of young herbs are still abundant in the garden center. Put it off and you’ll find nothing but leftovers. If you want truly unique versions of herbs such as pineapple sage and chocolate scented mint, shop online from specialty herb growers.

In ancient times herbs were highly valuable plants that cured, scented and flavored life in the Old World. Today your herb garden can grow indoors during the winter, then come out to porch or patio in the summer to yield a continuous supply. And if you need more light to keep them happy during the darkest days, invest in full spectrum neon bulbs that not only keep fresh seasoning at your fingertips, but can brighten your winter doldrums too.


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