There’s a new wave in the world of gardening.

Dissatisfied with commercially grown alternatives, more and more folks are making the commitment to grow their own herbs and vegetables. And in the process many have found that friends and neighbors appreciate the care they give to their home grown crops.

Whether it’s vine-ripened tomatoes, insanely fresh basil, or herbs that are grown and dried for later use, Grower’s Gold Growing Mixes will give your customers inspiring results. And give you a treasure trove of new profits.

Grower’s Gold is not an ordinary potting soil

…it’s a growing mix made to exacting professional standards by Sun Gro Horticulture, the leading supplier to professional growers in North America. You won’t find products like these anywhere else.

The Grower’s Gold line features 2 specially formulated products.

Indoor Growing Mix: a lightweight mix, perfect for hydroponic style indoor growing.
Outdoor Growing Mix: optimized for use in raised planting beds and outdoor containers.

A new gardening demographic! At last, products that will bring new users to your store.

These consumers are “semi-pro’s”…growing not only for themselves, but to share with others.

Both male and female
Grow your own mentality—for economics and quality
Grow to share mentality—community, farmers markets, co-ops, cash
Not necessarily experienced gardeners; learning as they go but serious about their efforts
Moisture smart: High quality Canadian Sphagnum peat moss and coconut coir combine to hold and release moisture just when plants need it
Drainage smart: developed especially for their respective indoor and outdoor growing conditions; drains well so mix will be moist but never soggy
Bio-smart: Naturally bio-active with mycorrhizae to assist with nutrient uptake
pH smart: in the proper range to support nutrient availability
Budget smart: growing your own saves money; sharing your bounty through a co-op or Farmer’s Market can even generate income
Just plain smart: Satisfaction Guaranteed No hassles for your customers…or you!
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