Why Growers Gold is Different

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No one is pickier about potting soil than commercial growers of bedding plants. In fact, what they use is more like high tech growth media than real soil. These folks cultivate acres of potted seedlings every day, and do so with the precision of scientists.  Naturally their growth media must be perfect. That’s why commercial growers have used Sun Gro products like Grower’s Gold in their production for over eighty years and the professionals depend on its consistent quality that is scientifically accurate in every way.

Each cubic foot of Grower’s Gold contains just the right concentration of ingredients to create a scientifically accurate root zone. This soil contains the sixteen essential nutrients for plant growth including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as calcium and magnesium.

So what’s in Grower’s Gold that makes it more than a potting soil? To start, it features a consistent pH of 5.5 to 6.2; the most optimal for plant growth on a scale from acid to alkaline. Even a slight change of pH in either direction can affect nutrient uptake, and when there are ten thousand plants depending on such accuracy, variability is unacceptable.

Grower’s Gold soil structure ensures both good drainage and optimal water holding capacity.  Though these may seem contradictory functions, scientists know that soil rich in oxygen molecules and moisture enhance the exchanged by roots for nutrients.  Moisture is held in Grower’s Gold by two organic ingredients: cocoanut coir and peat moss for our indoor mix, and finely ground forest products for outdoor soil formulas.  Both of these catch and hold water until roots need it, but perlite makes doubly sure there is no compaction nor saturation.  The right percentages of organic matter to perlite reduce the chance of overwatering a tiny pot or on a massive scale.

Grower’s Gold fertility is mild. This is designed to prevent conflicts with fine tuned nutrient combinations used for certain types of crops such as tropical fruits. This is also vital to hydroponic growers who are very precise in how they feed plants. Therefore you too can adjust your feeding program to provide your foliage plants with a different formula than flowering ones while using the same soil for both.

Growers insist on mycorhizzae in their mixes and so should you. This is a microscopic fungus that lives in Grower’s Gold and then enters plant roots to take up residence there. This is a “symbiotic” relationship which is beneficial for both organisms. Science has proved that mycorhizzae improves root function and strengthens plants so that they use the available water and absorb nutrients more efficiently. It is also known to make some plants more pest and disease resistant.

So next time you consider a bagged potting soil, try Grower’s Gold instead. If commercial plant growers invest in Sun Gro products like Grower’s Gold when their enormous crops of bedding plants are at stake, it’s sure to make your container garden thrive too. When you can’t afford to take risks, use Grower’s Gold and you’ll plant peace of mind.


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